Enjoy the fastest way to onboard new holders into your Discord server

The setup is 100% done in Discord. Easy, fast and efficient

Made with for Solana projects

We have crafted the perfect solution for projects of any size, specifically designed for the Solana blockchain.

Invite Rabbot.io to your Discord server and complete the payment process to activate the server account.

Rabbot.io will create a private channel where you can easily configure the verification bot.

Upload your hashlist to Rabbot.io, define verification criterias, and create custom welcome messages for new holders on Discord.

Our range of plans offers the same set of robust features that enhance your holder onboarding process and redefine their experience.

Unlimited roles

Amount based roles

Attribute based roles

Faster verification

Self-claimable roles

Greeting messages


Holders snapshot

Custom RPC

and more +

Faster holder verification is not difficult

Experience faster verification for smoother onboarding. Rabbot.io's verification system validates ownership faster than other available bots.

Empower holders with role claims

Using our innovative verification method, your holders can claim their roles directly on Discord. No more wait!

Our plans are priced based on the number of NFTs included in your project's collection, providing flexibility and customization to suit your specific needs.


per month

Up to 1,000 NFTs supply


per month

1,000 to 3,000 NFTs supply


per month

3,000 to 5,000 Nfts supply


per month

5,000 to 10,000 NFTs supply

All prices are in USDC on Solana network

Become a holder now and enjoy the benefits of being a rabbit!

Let's work together to find the best solution for your project.

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